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Business philosophy

Stentorian Industry Co., Ltd. has long been committed to producing vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes, also known as textured vegetable protein. With non-genetically modified soybeans and wheat as raw materials, it is our goal to provide customers with products that are nutritious and healthy. We adhere to the belief of customers come first and provide products with nutrition and health claims.

The company continues to introduce the latest equipment. With the best conditions and production technology, supported by skilful and experienced R&D engineers, we constantly improve product quality and strive to provide customers with the best products.

Our history

1992 Started the production of vegetarian and vegan products
1993 Purchased the first Japanese-made twin-screw extruder for textured soy protein production
1999 Obtained Kosher certification
2003 Developed textured wheat protein
2004 Expansion of production facilities
2005 Obtained ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications
2006 Development of new dry soybean curd skin
2010 Developed high-moisture extruded products
2011 Obtained FSSC 22000 certification
2015 Obtained HALAL certification

Outstanding technical expertise

There are currently 22 production lines with a maximum annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons. At present, the main products are organized soybean protein, organized wheat protein, and organized pea protein (newly developed products). There are more than 60 product models, which are sufficient to meet the needs of the downstream vegetarian and vegan food processing industry.

There is a large variation in the quality of agricultural products. Having agricultural products as the raw material of textured vegetable protein means that controlling the variability of raw materials and producing textured vegetable protein products with consistent quality has always been the goal of our company. To achieve this goal, we have been investing in capital and R&D over the past 30 years. The company adheres to the objectives of consistent quality, punctual delivery, and continuous development of new products. We value the importance of the interdependent relationship with consumers and we strive to continue developing our company in order to achieve our goals.

Product certifications -Quality and hygiene guarantee, providing customers with high-quality products

  • In 1999: Obtained Kosher certification
  • In 2005: Obtained ISO 9001 certification
  • In 2005: Obtained HACCP certification
  • In 2011: Obtained FSSC 22000 certification
  • In 2015: Obtained HALAL certification

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